Travel Waterfalls of Khoiyachora Trail

Khoiyachora is one of the most commonly visited Waterfall in Bangladesh because of it’s easy going route from Dhaka.

It was a single day tour. I had no previous idea about that tour. One of my friend Nafis asked me to go Feni with him. I agreed & joined after few hours.
We went to Feni via Train. A very long night journey. We arrived to Feni Junction in the morning. Then the rest is in the video.

Khoiyachora Tour Cost:
Dhaka to Feni Railway Station by Train – 90 Tk Per person
Feni to Mohipal Bus Stand via Auto Rickshaw – 15 Tk Per Person.
Mohipal to Khoiyachora via local bus – 50 Tk Per Person.
Main Road to Khoiyachora via CNG – 100 Tk (for 5 Person)
Guide Cost – Guide not required
Food – 200 Tk Per Person approximately.

Khoiyachora Trail: Bandorkhum, Baghbiani, Kupikatakhum.

This video has actually 2 part. This is 2nd part & about Khoiyachora Trail. Another part is about Napittachora Trail is  also available।

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