Sajek Valley & Konglak Para – A Dream Hill of Bangladesh

Sajek Valley is a remote hill 1800 feet top for the Sea level, completely secured by Bangladesh Army placed in Rangamati District of Bangladesh & Chittagong Division.

Though, Sajek Vally situated in Rangamati, some people mistakenly think it’s in Khagrachari District because the only Road to Sajek Valley is via Khagrachari Town.

If somebody wants to visit Sajek Valley without via Khagrachari, he/she has to follow river way, which is more beautiful & more adventurous.

Places inside:
You May know, Ruilui Para, Konglak Para etc is a part of Sajek Valley. Sajek is also called the Queen of Hills in Bangladesh. It touches the Tripura border area of India. I guess, most locals person are engaged with Indian Media rather then Bangladeshi Media.

Some Information about Sajek Valley:

Sajek Valley is far from the city & no government electricity, water & telephone service is available there. Most amazing part of Sajek Tour is the Zeep Riding. It’s feel like 3 hours of continuous Roller Coaster Ride. Roads of Sajek made by cutting the hill edge, snaky & very risky to look & travel with.

Cost & Idea:
You are not allowed to Visit Sajek Valley alone. (Not impossible but tough & costly). You must go with a group or at least. You have to hire a Chander Gari (Zeep Car) from “Dighinala” (A place in Khagrachari) to Visit Sajek Valley. Zeep will cost 7000 BDT to 10000 BDT for 1 day (Going + Staying One Night + Return to Dighinala).
Zeep can carry 11 person comfortably. So, if you are 11 friend visiting Sajek Valley at a time, it will be very cost friendly.

Staying Night:
There are many resort & motel (1 or 2 of them are by Army) you may rend a suitable room. Cost 300 BDT to 15000 BDT, Based on what you want. Most of the resorts/hotels are owned by Locals & proposes different types of services. Prices are negotiable. Don’t afraid to propose 1/4th of asking price. 😉

Your Zeep Car Number, Name, Address will be listed in “Masalang Army Camp” due to security reason & a heavy capacity army zeep will guard you from start to end. This security service is free of charge as it is provided by Bangladesh Army.
Inside Sajek Vally, it is 24×7 secured by Army Guard. You can stay outside full night & nobody will disturb you.

About Local:
Local people are very good & friendly. They will assist you as much as they can. They are good with words. Most drinking Water & foods are imported from city. The only local sources of water is rain & waterfall.

That’s all for today! Let me know your experience & if I’m missing something. Happy Journey!

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