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One Day Travel to Napittachora Trail। Napittachora Waterfalls

It was a single day tour to Napittachora. I had no previous idea about that tour. One of my friend Nafis asked me to go Feni District with him. I agreed & joined after few hours.

List of Tourist Spot in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, we have 7 divisions & 64 districts. It is not easy to find all the places of a specific area. So, I’m making this list for my own use & hope this list will help other traveler around the world. This is the complete list of Tourist Spots in Bangladesh. Separated with Division (state) & total tour guide & cost is included.

Sajek Valley & Konglak Para – A Dream Hill of Bangladesh

Sajek Valley is a remote hill 1800 feet top for the Sea level, completely secured by Bangladesh Army placed in Rangamati District of Bangladesh & Chittagong Division.

Though, Sajek Vally situated in Rangamati, some people mistakenly think it’s in Khagrachari District because the only Road to Sajek Valley is via Khagrachari Town.

If somebody wants to visit Sajek Valley without via Khagrachari, he/she has to follow river way, which is more beautiful & more adventurous.

Places inside:
You May know, Ruilui Para, Konglak Para etc is a part of Sajek Valley.

How risky to travel St Martin Island by fishing Boat

What does the word ‘risk’ mean to you? Losing job? Money? Life? Which one? Please, don’t be confused. In my sense, risk means “doing something with acknowledge about the chance of losing something”. So, we actually risked our life for an adventure. Because, I don’t believe a life is a life without risk. When you nothing have to risk with, nothing has to lose, that means ultimately you have nothing!

We travelled to St Martin Island by fishing boat few days ago & we didn’t take ship. Ship was not available because of rough weather & had no idea when the weather will be normal.

Let’s come to the topic,our actual journey started from Teknaf. A border area of Bangladesh.