Visiting India without Visa and Passport

The actual tour plan was to visit Dinajpur, Hilli Bangladesh India border & some popular landmark in Dinajpur.

When me & my friend Shamim was visiting India Bangladesh border, talking with a BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) member, a man come. He offered us to visit India with him for free. We were little afraid.

NOTE: India Bangladesh border is one of the most dangerous border in the world. More then 30 people were shoot to death (killed) during passing border in past year.

Then we pass the border in front of Both BGB & BSF as the person has personal connection with both border guard authority. We went to nearest shop inside India & bought some biscuits/snacks etc. I personally bought a MOOV (Indian pain killer balm) for my parents.

It was a great thrilling experience for us visiting India without any VISA or even Passport. We also took some photo with Indian border guard authority BSF who was caring a AK47 rifle in his back.

We also seen some live smuggling in border area. Footage included in this video.
Visiting India without Visa and Passport. Explosive Truth about India Bangladesh Border.

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