List of Bangladeshi YouTube Channel with Travel Videos

YouTube now a days is a  very famous video sharing platform in Bangladesh. So many Bangladeshi YouTuber or content creators creating good quality content or videos like short film, prank, drama, music video, roasting video, vlog for youtube. But, the number of travel & food related channel is very few & most Bangladeshi audiences are not aware about Travel Vlog that contain travel related information & experience in their video.

Here is the list of Bangladeshi Travel & food related YouTube channel. I made this list just to inspire new travel vlogger & food vloggers who promoting true Bangladesh in their video.


Bangladeshi YouTube Channel about Travel:

  1. Labib Ittihadul (Creator: Labib Ittihadul)
  2. Tiham Traveler (Creator: Tiham Ahnaf Nawar)
  3. Explore Bangladesh (Creator: Issam Salem & his team)
  4. Saqeeb Niloy (Creator: Saqeeb Niloy)
  5. Best Tour & Food (Creator: Sohel Rana)
  6. Low Cost Tour Suggestion (Creator: Unknown)
  7. Dihan Chowdhury (Creator: Dihan Chowdhury)
  8. FMI Productions (Creator: Unknown)
  9. Uncover Bangladesh (Creator: Sajedul Haque)
  10. Sheikh The Traveler (Creator: Asraful Sheikh)
  11. Swn Pawel (Creator: Swn Pawel)
  12. Maverick BD (Creator: Ahmad Tarik)
  13. Shamim Munna (Creator: Shamim Munna)
  14. Sornok BD (Creator: Erfan Muntasir)
  15. Mishrat Rahman (Creator: Dip Mishrat)
  16. Rafi Zahedi (Creator: Rafi Zahedi)
  17. Jajabor Travellers (Creator: Morshedul Hasan Protick)
  18. Imran Anik (Creator: Imran Anik)


This is an incomplete list & continues process of updating. I made this list just to made it easy to find all Bangladeshi YouTubers & Vlogger who make videos about Travel Bangladesh in a single page. I hope this list will also inspire new Bangladeshi YouTubers who want to work on Bangladesh Tourism or already started working but not getting enough attention.

I intentionally skipped YouTube channels owned by TV channels, TV programs & TV Personalities. I just included people who started from ZERO as a Bangladeshi YouTuber or Content creator.

To Add your channel in this list, simply send email to with your channel link, your real name, Facebook ID, Phone number & some little information you want to provide.

Conditions to get in this list:

  • YouTube Channel must have at least 3 good quality travel videos about Bangladesh.
  • Number of Subscribers doesn’t matter (100 Sub is enough)
  • Channel must have a good profile picture, channel art, no copyright or adult content, no extra valueless video & a good writings in channel’s About section.
  • Channel must be a Bangladeshi YouTube Channel & the author must be a Bangladeshi.


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