Night at Railway Station in Bangladesh

Night at a Railway Station sounds something unusual. Maybe it sounds like Thriller or specially I feel Sherlock Holmes type flavour. I don’t know I’m the only one who feel like that.

Night never actually arrive at a railway station. It’s always the same except very early morning, at least all the stations I’ve visited in my short life.

By the way, Let me tell the story of that night. It was later than 1.30 a.m. on clock. My neighbourhood friend knock at my window & asked me to come out. He said, “I want to talk”. Okey, I thought something is wrong. I went out & discovered that, there’s no actual issue. He just need a person to talk. He was feeling lonely.

Then we both decided to go to nearest railway station to capture the night view. Though, I’ve seen that view several time but my friend was more excited then me.

For people who don’t know: In South Asia (mostly in Bangladesh, India & Pakistan) Night at Railway station is really dangerous, risky & insecure. I become the holy place for drug addict, drug dealer & prostitutes.

Railway station was about 30 min walkway. We arrived after 3 a.m. & the rest of that are in Video. I talked to some Child Labor who was doing overtime at a very low wages. I included their reaction & comment about shop owner. I bunch of poor people was sleeping on platform. Some people was taking rest & some were sleeping inside hotel. The halogen light increase the beauty of Night at Railway station. It also help people hiding their color from daylight.

Of Course, We went to the Dark Side but it was very risky to record the moment. I have a plan to talk with some prostitute. I want the background story, how a person become prostitute. I know that must be a sad story, But I’m curious enough to do that.

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