Interview of A Child Labor at Saint Martin Island, Bangladesh

I had a chance to talk (Interview) with Irfan who lives at Saint Martin’s Island, Bangladesh & works at a Tea Stall come Hotel near ‘jheti’. He is only 12 years old, that makes him A Child Labor.

This boy served food to us. I asked him to take a seat so we can have a friendly chat. I would like to ask him about his daily life & dream about his future. But, for some reason, I was unable to ask him such question that would make him sad. A child Labor’s Dream never comes true in real life. I thought, My question will make him sad. so, I skipped that part and started talking about other things that I didn’t have any plan.

I asked him to sing a song for us, he politely refused. He was very shy at that moment.  Then I started asking some translation of his native language. Though, he speak my native language but in different accent that I’m unable to understand. He did  great with translation.

There were other child out of camera focus, I talked. Some of them asked me, If I need anything. They mean DRUG. Some people use child as drug seller. They also said, most of the tourist go to saint martin to have a such life they can’t have in their own area. This is a  real shame for us.

Our Guide named ‘Helal‘ was a child too. Though, he is not a direct child labor but works as a guide to support his family. He guided us to discover the island. He teaches us what to do & what to not. He was definitely suffering from Malnutrition. A large number of the saint martin’s boy faces same condition. I met some Teenager who use Internet on their mobile phone. They use facebook  only & very proud of that. Who has a facebook account become a leader of a small group. This is funny.

But Finally, about Irfan, I must Say, He is really funny, shy, interesting and intelligent.

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