Inside Mental Hospital – Interview of Patients

What makes a normal person to a mental patient? What’s the difference? Actually, Nobody cares. Nobody gives a shit about it. They just hate mental patients, make fun of then. Try to make them angry and it’s like a game.

On my view,  mental patient is a person  who JUST not afraid to do what they they want to do from inside or to say. They are so much real & honest. They don’t pretend like all of us, who call them normal.

Okey, that was just my personal point of view & not constant.  Few days ago, I went inside of a Mental Hospital. Of course not as mental patient but as a visitor. The hospital was Pabna Mental Hospital, Bangladesh. This is the largest (may be only) government mental hospital in Bangladesh.

Let me say some real things, real information from Inside Mental Hospital. As a concerned citizen, It’s my duty to speak truth. Those are the facts that you may don’t know.

How I entered inside?
In one word, by bribing. Normal people are not allowed to go Inside Mental Hospital. We were two friends. He was a local boy. The gateman asked for money, as we have no relatives or known person inside. I requested him, I’m a vlogger, I just want to see inside. Then finally, we make a deal, gave him some money & the gate become open.

How patients welcome visitors?
They just hate visitors. Not all of them but most of them. Some patients were closing windows seeing us. Some was very eager to talk.

Why they hate visitors?
Because, most of the visitors are no way connected to any patients. They just visit Inside Mental Hospital like they visit a zoo. I’m not saying all the visitors do that but number is large.

How often patients can call family or friends?
No way. They just can’t. Not even weekly or monthly. There are no pay phone & mobile phone is not allowed. Only doctors & authority can call family if needed. Some patient’s family doesn’t call in a year or never.

Do they understand their situation?
Very few of them who are in 1st stage. They know very well, what is wrong with them. They explain how they feel when they are sick. (in Video).

Does authority torture them?
No. The do some treatment if needed but do not torture them. There are different cabin/room for patients of different stage.

Are they locked with rope or handcuff?
Some of them, who are risky. Who try to do suicide or hurt other patients. I couldn’t see such patients. The area was restricted.

Are they free to visit another room?
Most of the non harmful patients are free like hostel. They just not allowed to go outside. Authority let them watch selected movies also.

What about TV/News or newspaper?
No Newspaper, No News from outer world Inside Mental Hospital. But, somehow they mostly know that’s happening outside. One of them was concerned about the current political situation of Bangladesh. A patient sang a funny song about Bangladeshi political leaders also. He said, They are free to say anything because they are mad.

Ok, the inside area of mental hospital was very nice. It was like a resort or a big park. Garden in front of every building. Bath, Food, Sleeping in time. Very strict routined life.  I didn’t see any patient playing or doing co curricular activities though that was after-noon. I could see, none of them was happy inside.

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