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List of Bangladeshi YouTube Channel with Travel Videos

YouTube now a days is a  very famous video sharing platform in Bangladesh. So many Bangladeshi YouTuber or content creators creating good quality content or videos like short film, prank, drama, music video, roasting video, vlog for youtube. But, the number of travel & food related channel is very few & most Bangladeshi audiences are not aware about Travel Vlog that contain travel related information & experience in their video.

Here is the list of Bangladeshi Travel & food related YouTube channel. I made this list just to inspire new travel vlogger & food vloggers who promoting true Bangladesh in their video.

Visiting India without Visa and Passport

The actual tour plan was to visit Dinajpur, Hilli Bangladesh India border & some popular landmark in Dinajpur.

When me & my friend Shamim was visiting India Bangladesh border, talking with a BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) member, a man come. He offered us to visit India with him for free. We were little afraid.