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Interview of A Child Labor at Saint Martin Island, Bangladesh

I had a chance to talk (Interview) with Irfan who lives at Saint Martin’s Island, Bangladesh & works at a Tea Stall come Hotel near ‘jheti’. He is only 12 years old, that makes him A Child Labor.

This boy served food to us. I asked him to take a seat so we can have a friendly chat. I would like to ask him about his daily life & dream about his future. But, for some

Night at Railway Station in Bangladesh

Night at a Railway Station sounds something unusual. Maybe it sounds like Thriller or specially I feel Sherlock Holmes type flavour. I don’t know I’m the only one who feel like that.

Night never actually arrive at a railway station. It’s always the same except very early morning, at least all the stations I’ve visited in my short life.

By the way, Let me tell the

Ashram of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra

It was a surprise tour for me to The Ashram of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra. The Ashram (asylum) is very close to Pabna Mental Hospital. Only 4/5 minutes walkway. I heard that, Anukul Chandra gave away the land to Mental Hospital. Don’t know it was true or not. I didn’t find 

Inside Mental Hospital – Interview of Patients

What makes a normal person to a mental patient? What’s the difference? Actually, Nobody cares. Nobody gives a shit about it. They just hate mental patients, make fun of then. Try to make them angry and it’s like a game.

On my view,  mental patient is a person  who JUST not afraid to do what they they want to do from inside or to say. They are so much real & honest. They don’t pretend like all of us, who call them normal.