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List of Bangladeshi YouTube Channel with Travel Videos

YouTube now a days is a  very famous video sharing platform in Bangladesh. So many Bangladeshi YouTuber or content creators creating good quality content or videos like short film, prank, drama, music video, roasting video, vlog for youtube. But, the number of travel & food related channel is very few & most Bangladeshi audiences are not aware about Travel Vlog that contain travel related information & experience in their video.

Here is the list of Bangladeshi Travel & food related YouTube channel. I made this list just to inspire new travel vlogger & food vloggers who promoting true Bangladesh in their video.

Travel Waterfalls of Khoiyachora Trail

Khoiyachora is one of the most commonly visited Waterfall in Bangladesh because of it’s easy going route from Dhaka.

It was a single day tour. I had no previous idea about that tour. One of my friend Nafis asked me to go Feni with him. I agreed & joined after few hours.
We went to Feni via Train. A very long night journey. We arrived to Feni Junction in the morning. Then the rest is in the video.

Khoiyachora Tour Cost:
Dhaka to Feni Railway Station by Train – 90 Tk Per person
Feni to Mohipal Bus Stand via Auto Rickshaw – 15 Tk Per Person.
Mohipal to Khoiyachora via local bus – 50 Tk Per Person.
Main Road to Khoiyachora via CNG – 100 Tk (for 5 Person)
Guide Cost – Guide not required
Food – 200 Tk Per Person approximately.

Khoiyachora Trail: Bandorkhum, Baghbiani, Kupikatakhum.

This video has actually 2 part. This is 2nd part & about Khoiyachora Trail. Another part is about Napittachora Trail is  also available।

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Travel Sundarban | World’s Largest Mangrove Forest!

It was the 2nd day of “3 Days Trip” to Satkhira, Sundarban, Khulna. 1st Day we visited Kakshiali River near India-Bangladesh Border & Inside Kaliganj Upazilla. 2nd Day, We visited to Sundarban via Satkhira Nil Dumur River.

One Day Travel to Napittachora Trail। Napittachora Waterfalls

It was a single day tour to Napittachora. I had no previous idea about that tour. One of my friend Nafis asked me to go Feni District with him. I agreed & joined after few hours.

List of Tourist Spot in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, we have 7 divisions & 64 districts. It is not easy to find all the places of a specific area. So, I’m making this list for my own use & hope this list will help other traveler around the world. This is the complete list of Tourist Spots in Bangladesh. Separated with Division (state) & total tour guide & cost is included.