Which are The Most Attractive Places in St Martin Island

Different people, different choice – this is the most common fact that we all believe. And one other thing that is common between us is, we all love to travel beautiful places. Not most of us can make it but all of us want to. We were talking about the most attractive places in St Martin Island, Bangladesh.

Note: The video with this article doesn’t contain footage of all the beautiful places in St Martin Island but the Number #1 by my own choice. This is not a documentary video, just a Video blog made by me. I think, you will like that.

Few days ago, I had a chance to visit St Martin Island as a trip. It was a short trip of 7 days. I already wrote an article about Travel Guide to St Martin Island – all you need to know, for the travel enthusiasts who have a plan to visit Saint Martin Island. The list I made is ranked by my own choice & interests.

  1. St Martin Jheti – This is the place where all the passenger boats, ship stops. Just toward the sea bank from St Martin Market & looks like a long bridge. Actually, this is a bridge that is about 0.5 K.M. long toward the sea. When you are there, you will feel like standing in a middle of the sea & a lots of boats around you. I marked this place as #1 place in St Martin Island. Why? Don’t ask me. Consider a visit. You will know why. (Now you may play the video).
  2. Chera Dip – Chera Dip is a Island who get detached from St Martin Mainland at the time of ebb. At that time, it looks like a complete different island, nearby. I ranked this as #2 among all attractive places in St Martin Island and also I have an article providing details about St Martin Island to Chera Dip with travel instructions & costs. This place is really worth visiting, mainly for adventure loving person.
  3. One Family in One Beach – Got Confused with the name? But, It’s true. There is a family who lives in a Island alone. but, to visit this family/place you have to visit chera dip. You can see border & blue hills of Myanmar from here. The beauty of this area will definitely kill you. No offence.
  4. St Martin Market – OMG! A market! Why? Ya, this is the only market in this island & you will get everything you need with exclusive alive fishes what you just have to ask them to fry. You hate fish? Before visiting St Martin, I used to hate fish. This place just changed my mind. Also, they have a very large collection of dry fish with good quality.

Honestly, I didn’t find any other places worth enlisting with those. but, there are so many attractive place in St Martin Island. Let me tell you secret, you want to buy the best? get the best? Make a local boy your guide & friend. If it is a single day visit, you gonna regret for the rest of your life. I suggest to spend at least 1 week there.

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