Travel Guide to St Martin Island – all you need to know

In this article, I will tell you how anyone can Travel to St Martin Island without a Travel Agency, with a minimal cost & all you need to know about this trip. You can consider this as a complete travel guide to St Martin Island. No matter which corner of the world you are from.

I will explain every possible necessary steps as brief as possible. Those are the minimal. I will explain from Dhaka (Capital city of Bangladesh) to St Martin Island. You have to count your country to Dhaka flying cost & everything separately.

Cloth – Just bring your regular cloth. I will suggest 4/5 sets of T-shirt & Three Quarter. No heavy cloth unless it is winter. Also consider a rain coat if this is not winter. No drinks or Alcohol. Security will check your things 2/3 times. They will not give you permission to carry those things.

Total Route in Short
Anywhere to Dhaka > Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar > Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf > Teknaf to St Martin

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar

I guess you are in Dhaka & standing in front of Shahjalal Int. Airport. Just take a taxi, ask the driver to take you to Mohakhali Bus Stand & also say him you wanna go St Martin Island. Driver will show you all the bus counter.
There are so many Good Bus Service. Like Hanif Enterprise, TR Travels, Soudia, Shohagh Paribahan etc. They all are good. Ticket price is 800 BDT to 2000 BDT ($10 to $27). They will take you directly to Cox’s Bazar – World’s longest sea beach. You can take a short visit, it’s upto you. but, as you are visiting St Martin island, Cox’s Bazar is not worth staying 😉 St Martin is more beautiful.

Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf

Take any auto Rickshaw. Ask him to take you to the bus stand. Buy a ticket of Teknaf.  You are done. It’s about 4/5 hours way. You can spend 1 day in Teknaf too. Teknaf sea beach has SHAMPAN (another kind of boat), that won’t be viewable in Cox’s Bazar or St Martin. So, spending a day is reasonable. Cost: 150 to 300 BDT ($2 to $4) per seat.

Teknaf to St Martin Island

Generally 2 ways to go. By boat or by ship. If you crazy adventure loving person,  boat is definitely for you. If you are someone frightened nurd, than try to get ship.
By Boat – This will start from Teknaf Boat Ghat. Ticket price 210 BDT ($3) per person.
By Ship – Availability of ship Depends on season, weather etc. Ticket price 600 BDT ($3) to 800 BDT per person. DO NOT BUY return ticket unless you want to return back after 2/3 hours.

Select a Resort or Hotel

Almost every families in St Martin Island are engaged by Tourism business or hotel business. Actually, they have nothing to do without this. Some of them have shop in market, they sell food & goods. Some of young people works as freelancer travel guide to St Martin Island. So, every house become a hotel or guest house in tourist season (winter). So, It’s easy to get a room with two beds, much comfortable for a group of 4 people. But, there are hotels too. Hotel Cost: In off season the rent is $10 to $15 for a room with 2 double bed, suitable for 4 person. In tourist season (winter) it becomes double.

Getting A Travel Guide

I already said, most of young people are freelancer travel guide to St Martin Island. They are very friendly & modest. Don’t bargain with them. They won’t ask you for payment. I got a guy named Helal, who guided us for 4 days morning till night. We kept him as one of us. At the day of leaving , we gave him 500 BDT (less than $10 USD) & he was very happy. They help people without condition. I don’t know why they are so good. Okey, it’s your turn 😉 . Professional Travel Guide: If you are seeking for a full time pro, then you have to ask your hotel manager. They will cost around $15 per day or more.

Places to Visit

I already have a separate article with the list of the most attractive places in St Martin Island you must visit. You may check. but, on that island, Every place is beautiful.

What to Eat & Where (Food)

Imagine a morning, washing your face with coconut water. Eating with coconut water again, again & again. okey, this is where you are going. Another name of St Martin Island is Coconut Planet. And for lunch & dinner, Never make schedule. Just go to market when you are hungry. You will get various types of fish just caught from sea & still alive. They will ask you, how you want to eat them. Price: Food price is higher than the regular. A medium size Rupchanda fish will cost you around $3. There are so many types of fish. I even can’t remember their names.

What to buy (Shopping)

Are you a shopaholic? I guess ‘not’, you are traveler. But, there are some exclusive good things to buy in St Martin Island. If I chose 1 of them, it will be Dry Fish. You will get almost every kind of them. I don’t know you love dry fish or hate but you should check dry fish shop. Cost is lower than the rest of the world & quality is very good. Don’t bargain alone. Be a friend of your guide & let him choose the price.


No compromise when it’s about security. Do not jump onto water blindly. St Martin Island is a coral island. A good single mistake is enough to kill yourself. It is always good to carry a small first aid box inside backpack. Keep Travel POLICE’s number with you. There’s NO 911 or similar helpline in Bangladesh. You have to call travel police if you are in danger.

I hope, you already got a travel guide to St Martin Island. Wish you best of luck & please, keep me in your prayer. I’m going on a Travel to Bogra (A district if Bangladesh) next week. Will share the story soon.

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