St Martin Island to Chera Dip – Travel Instruction & Cost

In this post, I will share my experiences of St Martin Island to Chera Dip Island.  It’s also include What mistakes we made & what everybody should know before traveling from St Martin Island to Chera Dip Island. Hope, that will help all travel enthusiasts who are not much professional traveler but passionate.

For your information, we started our Journey in a very rough weather condition & also shared How risky to travel St Martin by fishing Boat on such weather in my previous post. If you are in a hurry & just want to get a complete guide to St Martin Island in short, that article will save your both time & money.

There are 3 general ways to travel St Martin Island to Chera Dip.

  1. Take a walk (Beach) – Best for travelers who don’t wanna miss a single bit of fun & adventure.
  2. Rent a boat – For lazy travelers or in shortage of time. Interested in sight visit not in adventure.
  3. Air way – They know their way. (Let’s not talk about this)

I will discuss the walkway in details. There’s actually nothing to describe about traveling by boat. They will arrive directly to Chera Dip & come back with some photos or videos. But, In walkway, there are something everybody should care about.

How much time it may take?
It will take at 1:30 hours with no photography or 3 hours with photography approximately. Don’t waste time by taking photos everywhere. More you walk, more beautiful places you will invent. Should hire a guide when traveling St Martin Island to Chera Dip.

What the best time to start?
Morning & at the time of ebb. It’s not a good idea to schedule another thing on that day particularly. Walkway  will sink in water, if it’s not ebb time. Be carefull & follow guide’s direction.

What the dress should be?
A 3 quarter & half pant (for male). No heavy cloth unless it is mid of winter. Depends on your choice. Take extra clothes to use after taking bath. Remember, DO NOT JUMP TO WATER blindly. This is a coral island. A good mistake will take lifetime to recover.

What about taking food & water?
Take water & do not drink unless it is really needed when traveling from St Martin Island to Chera Dip Island. You will not find any shop in midway. So, stay in a budget with water. No need to take food. There is a family lives in Chera Dip. They will offer you rice/vegetables/fresh water & alive hen/goat/fish etc in a little bit higher price than regular. You will choose which chicken/goat/cock/fish you want to eat. They will cook it, when you may be taking bath or roaming around the Island.

NOTE: This is the one family who lives in one island alone. They feed travelers & this is their only business. Cost: Around $10 per person with everything if the group has more than 3 person. Neither, you have to eat a chicken alone. Local guide may charge you $5 to $15 maximum.

When we should come back?
Stay until evening. Don’t miss the amazing sunset scene. You will regret your full life if you miss that. Do not take the same way. Ask your guide to take another way when coming back. This will be a full round around the Full island.

What about passing full night?
I don’t know. Maybe this is not a good idea. No Hotel/Motel available there. Do at your own risk or Ask your guide for better options. You can always call coast guard by phone. Total area is covered by 3.5G mobile network. Also, there are more attractive places in St Martin Island.

What about Security?
Honestly, local people of St Martin Island are very honest. You can ask your guide to keep phones/cameras when you are in water. Guide will take photos also. Trust your guide, Do not take unnecessary jump to water.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to carry few gadgets or some medic tools with. Try to enjoy the adventure, not the risks. Remember, this is not the Only attractive place of St Martin Island.

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