How risky to travel St Martin Island by fishing Boat

What does the word ‘risk’ mean to you? Losing job? Money? Life? Which one? Please, don’t be confused. In my sense, risk means “doing something with acknowledge about the chance of losing something”. So, we actually risked our life for an adventure. Because, I don’t believe a life is a life without risk. When you nothing have to risk with, nothing has to lose, that means ultimately you have nothing!

We travelled to St Martin Island by fishing boat few days ago & we didn’t take ship. Ship was not available because of rough weather & had no idea when the weather will be normal.

Let’s come to the topic,our actual journey started from Teknaf. A border area of Bangladesh. We waited 1 day for a good weather but there was no good news. so, our restless team took a boat. The lineman of boats tried to frightened us a lot but failed. We even not notified our parents because they would sticky with ‘NO’.

How was it?
It was really adventurous. I will take boat every time I will visit St Martin. This is really worth risking life for that kind of adventure.

Were we afraid?
One of us. I don’t wanna mention his name but he was normal at 1st moment & become some kind of abnormal when our boat is in midway on sea. The tied was so high & the boat was jumping like a frog for a long time.

What about life jacket?
No man. There was no life jacket. Though, the Law is, a boat can’t start journey without having sufficient life jacket.

Any check point?
Yes, BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) checked papers & bags 2 times.


Any same zone on boat?
Uff, yes man. but We didn’t know that. Mid side is a safe area for a bus or car. We thought that would be same for a boat too & grab the mid side of a empty boat. In few moments, boat become full & there’s no explanation.

Any Tips?
Weather of sea is very healthy. That will make you hungry within every 1 hour. We didn’t know that too.

I wish, those will give you a short idea about the adventure, fun & risk of travel St Martin Island by fishing Boat. I also have another article about complete guide to travel St Martin Island with minimal cost. Hole, you will enjoy that too.

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