Yaba addiction in Bangladesh – Story of An Yaba Addict

Yaba addiction in Bangladesh is now a big problem. High to low or rich to poor, all families are having trouble with their child for the massive yaba addiction in Bangladesh. I’ve seen school student to corporate people taking yaba. Many of them have started selling yaba to serve the cost of that addiction.

Few months ago, I personally became interested about Yaba. I had so many question about Yaba addiction in Bangladesh including how a person become addicted, how to take yaba, what does it feels like etc etc. I started collecting information & tried to met someone addicted with yaba. After searching a lot, I found a person who is courageous enough to say some word in front of camera. We all know, how hard that is. He gave me one condition. It was, not to show his face & not to publish his identity. He just wanted to stay anonymous in this issue.

Yaba Tablet

Yaba Addiction In Bangladesh

Yesterday, he gave me schedule to take the conversation. He was ready to answer all the questions I have about Yaba addiction in Bangladesh. So, we met & the rest is available in video embeded with this post.

Here is the highlight of the conversation:

From When you started taking yaba?
It was before 2010, I started taking yaba.

With whom you took you very 1st yaba?
It was a female childhood friend of mine, who offered me the yaba for the very 1st time.

Who else take this drug?
Everybody! Politician to Media Activist, Actor to Student. Almost every kind of people from every community, every religion. so, Just everybody.

What does it feels after taking yaba?
It is impossible to explain. A person who take yaba can feel it’s feelings. But, yaba will turn your boring life to interesting. You will feel interest in doing all boring things you do everyday. It will increase the power of concentration.

Does yaba helps staying young or increase beauty of face?
Partially true. Because, Being slim is beauty. Yaba will destroy the hunger. As you can’t eat, you will be slim. Slim is the standard of beauty. But, yaba will completely destroy your physical strength. This is not recoverable.

Does yaba help for sexual strength?
The answer is both yes and no. It depends how you want to feel with yaba. I already said, it will turn your boring life to interesting. so, if you want to sex, it may help you too.

Is that easy to stop taking yaba?
in single word, NO. This is not that easy as we speak. It is hard & almost impossible. (as he said)

How long you can do without taking yaba?
15 days in maximum I could do without taking anymore yaba. But, those 15 days was hell for me.

Will you show us how you take yaba? 
Yes (with conditions).

This person showed me the administer process of taking yaba from start to end with the same condition that he gave me before the conversation. The video of administer process of yaba is extremely 18+ and only for matured people.  I also published it to my youtube channel & is turned off for underaged people. You must be logged in to youtube before you can play that video.

By the by, yaba addiction in Bangladesh is growing day by day. I am tensed that, no normal people will left to lead the nation to good within the next 4/5 years if rais of the yaba addiction in Bangladesh keep growing in current rate.


Shwadesh Chowdhury

about 2 years ago

Hey bro,i live in comilla city n u know what the condition of here ..actually i m a student and most of my friends..actually everyone without 2 or 3 of us r still addicted including me..i have taken 3 pills now..graduated from comilla n most renowned school..i m telling everything coz ur policy trusted me..if u published i'll b ruined..in the top of ur conversation (i think) there are some mistakes like if he is addicted from 2010 i don't think he will say that it beautify his figure..i m 18+ n in inter 1st year ..i m addicted from class 9 last session bt i know that itz very much hazardous for my body bt i can't even think a single day without it promisely :) n coz of my body i m suffering a lot to my family n else..i can n anyone can judge a person by figure n some symptoms that he or she takes yaba alws..n conversation about interest..after taking those pills what will u concentrate it will b much effective then normal..i think u'll understood what i am trying to say..so plz keep it private n knk me if any kind of help .. :) taddaa speak soon


tinku paul dip

about 2 years ago

I don't use yaba but I am addicted to drug. Help me.


Dont wish tosay

about 12 months ago

Hi, I am taking yaba from 3 day, but after browisng net I found yaba is highly harmful than any other addiction. I must give it up. Thanks.


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