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Travel Guide to St Martin Island – all you need to know

In this article, I will tell you how anyone can Travel to St Martin Island without a Travel Agency, with a minimal cost & all you need to know about this trip. You can consider this as a complete travel guide to St Martin Island. No matter which corner of the world you are from.

I will explain every possible necessary steps as brief as possible. Those are the minimal. I will explain from Dhaka (Capital city of Bangladesh) to St Martin Island. You have to count your country to Dhaka flying cost & everything separately.

Cloth – Just bring your regular cloth. I will suggest 4/5 sets of T-shirt & Three Quarter. No heavy cloth unless it is winter. Also consider a rain coat if this is not winter. No drinks or Alcohol. Security will check your things 2/3 times. They will not give you permission to carry those things.

Total Route in Short
Anywhere to Dhaka > Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar > Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf > Teknaf to St Martin

St Martin Island to Chera Dip – Travel Instruction & Cost

In this post, I will share my experiences of St Martin Island to Chera Dip Island.  It’s also include What mistakes we made & what everybody should know before traveling from St Martin Island to Chera Dip Island. Hope, that will help all travel enthusiasts who are not much professional traveler but passionate.

Which are The Most Attractive Places in St Martin Island

Different people, different choice – this is the most common fact that we all believe. And one other thing that is common between us is, we all love to travel beautiful places. Not most of us can make it but all of us want to. We were talking about the most attractive places in St Martin Island, Bangladesh.

Note: The video with this article doesn’t contain footage of all the beautiful places in St Martin Island but the Number #1 by my own choice. This is not a documentary video, just a Video blog made by me. I think, you will like that.

Few days ago, I had a chance to visit St Martin Island as a trip. It was a short trip of 7 days.

How risky to travel St Martin Island by fishing Boat

What does the word ‘risk’ mean to you? Losing job? Money? Life? Which one? Please, don’t be confused. In my sense, risk means “doing something with acknowledge about the chance of losing something”. So, we actually risked our life for an adventure. Because, I don’t believe a life is a life without risk. When you nothing have to risk with, nothing has to lose, that means ultimately you have nothing!

We travelled to St Martin Island by fishing boat few days ago & we didn’t take ship. Ship was not available because of rough weather & had no idea when the weather will be normal.

Let’s come to the topic,our actual journey started from Teknaf. A border area of Bangladesh.