About Me

Always love to visit new places, talk to new people & explore new things. I love to hangout with friends, live a life without routine & boundary. Like to go with no plan with life.

LabibI’m person with humor. Love to make fun & never been serious about anything. I don’t know what I need to do with life. Have addiction to new place. I almost change living place every 2/3 months. Usually move to a new area, rant a room & live their. Rare make friends. Love to explore new area alone.

I love Technology. It makes life easier. I wish to have access to every types of technology exist in the world. at least new tech.

Hate politics but like political gossips. Love movies a lot. Listen to almost every types of song (no specific). A good friend of Father & Mother. They are the love of my life.

Kind of active in social media like facebook, twitter, instagram & others. Love to write blog. Usually write about new experiences & thousands of wishes that I made everyday & forget on the next day. Life is too small to do everything. as, human are not capable of doing everything, so it’s better to sleep & travel. moreover, not to take a part on the race of money.



Send email to: xlabib [at] gmail.com